Data Privacy & Apple

I don’t usually comment on politics. Mostly, I find myself amused by comments and posts that are blindly (and thoughtlessly) party propaganda. It’s no use arguing about posts like that because no matter how rational or factual my stance may be, people rarely appreciate someone else pointing out how nearly every part of the “article” they blindly shared is actually based on rumors and half-truths.

In a nutshell, people do and say some very stupid things in the name of following party lines, sometimes without knowing that’s what they’re doing.

That brings me to the data privacy issue concerning Apple. Apple, perhaps my favorite company, is well known for being progressive. That’s leftist progressive. However, today’s public response by this left-leaning company has fueled some interesting political debates that seem to confuse party lines, and a lot of people don’t even see it. Let me explain.

The current stance on the “right” is that the federal government is too big and too powerful and has far exceeded its Constitutionally-afforded roles. That’s why a number of republicans are supporting Apple’s stance. It’s along the lines of government shouldn’t tell free-market companies what to do with a sprinkle of constitutionality for flavor. However, the right is also known for strongly supporting arguably legal methods for snooping on our own citizens and indefinitely detaining people in the name of national security (Patriot Act). Well, until recently. It seems the GOP has switched it’s stance on the national security programs it helped create (except as is pertains to Syrian refugees and Mexicans). Now the Patriot Act is just another example of big government. Just don’t tell that to the millions of registered republicans who still like the Patriot Act.

Then you have the “left”. More government regulation in certain areas meant to even the playing field so more people have equal opportunities and a less skewed chance to thrive. Initially, they hated the Patriot Act as it trampled civil liberties. Now, it’s their BFF. Just don’t tell the ACLU.

Now you have Apple, a lefty, standing up for our right to privacy and finding odd support from a lot of republicans (Donald Trump isn’t a republican) and being shunned by fellow democrats who insist hacking the phone is a matter of national security.

This would make one heck of an episode of The Twilight Zone. Must be backwards day. Had this happened 10 years ago when democrats were opposing the Patriot Act and republicans wanted anyone with a long beard sent to Guantanamo Bay, would the support still be the same?

Here’s the deal. Apple is doing the right thing here. They are standing up for our civil liberties and their right not to be bullied by big government. Shouldn’t that warrant support from both democrats and republicans? Instead, what I’m seeing is diehard republicans standing up for Apple despite supporting the War on Terror and democratic leaders demanding Apple eschew civil liberties in the name of the War on Terror.

So, here’s what I want to know. For those supporting Apple, are you just following party lines and using “big government” as your reason or do you have other reasons? If you don’t support Apple’s stance on this issue, are you stuck on the “terror” stance or do you have some other reason(s)?


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